Live from Vietnam: Our Wedding!
4:01 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
That's right! I'm in the process of configuring a LIVE broadcast of our wedding ceremony for those who could not be with us here in Vietnam!

The ceremony will start at 9pm Eastern Time on Monday, February 1st, 2010. The webcam will be looking in on the living area activities during the ceremony at the Duong family home in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The ceremony will be totally Vietnamese, and somewhat traditional. Unfortunately, we won't have a translator, so everything will be in the Vietnamese language.

The ceremony should last until around noon, and we'll eat lunch after that, but I think I'll keep the video broadcasting until we're finished, since I will be very busy with the festivities.

The live video stream is below, but will be off line UNTIL 9pm Eastern Time, February 1st, 2010, enjoy!

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV
Travel Plans and More
11:18 AM | Author: Dan Berlin
First of all, check out my right sidebar for some new stuff! I added TripIt, which will automatically track my upcoming flights / trips so that you can see my travel plans and where I am. I also added my latest updates from Twitter here.

Ok, now, if you've done as I told you to, then you can see I've got a trip to Vietnam on August 8th, and another trip to New York on August 21st. Yes, that's right, I've got my tickets purchased and I'm all prepped for a return to the big apple on Friday, August 21st, with Hien!

Of course, if Hien doesn't get her visa on time, things won't work out quite as nicely, but we'll just keep our fingers and toes crossed, right?

Yay! Fireworks!
7:37 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
I just love watching fireworks! They are even better from the comfort of your condominium building!! :-)

Tonight we watched the Singapore National Day Fireworks rehearsal, which was a pretty decent little display, for a rehearsal. My building here has a 44th floor lookout from which you can see out towards the Singapore river and the rest of the city.

I only have one photo cuz my phone messed up the video... Oh well!

Random stuff!
5:14 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
Ok, I've got a lot of photos and videos to share on here, but they don't necessarily go together, so I'm posting this entry with a collection of stuff!

First up, dinner on the 4th of July with durian for dessert:

Now here's some photos from our trip to the botanical garden:

And how about some more wedding photos?

Hien's Birthday!
4:43 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
I took the day off work for Hien's 27th birthday, Wednesday, July 8th, and we spent the day together. I gave Hien a new MacBook Pro for her birthday, which she is learning how to use. She has never owned her own computer before, and I took the opportunity to install some software to help her learn English. ;-)

For dinner, Hien made crab, snails, and kang kong, which is a leafy vegetable that is quite popular here in Singapore and also in Vietnam. We got Sri Lankan roe crab at $24 SGD per kilogram, which is an awesome price for that kind of crab. It was REALLY good! She made it with a spicy tamarind sauce. I made her a chocolate birthday cake with homemade vanilla frosting. Sorry we don't have photos of us both, but someone has to hold the camera!

Here's some photos and video:

Hien with her dinner and new computer!

Cutting the birthday cake.

Mmmm... smells good!