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10:55 AM | Author: Dan Berlin
Foiled at my attempt to extract the video from the camera, I unfortunately won't have a video update for you at the moment. But I'm working on it!

Here's a rundown of the events so far:
Arrived bleary-eyed into the welcoming arms of Hien and her family as they greeted us at the airport. Of course, we had to stage some video shots, so right off the bat, I was being told what to do from 3 people at once speaking Vietnamese too quickly for me to understand!

Naturally, I forgot my suit on the airplane, but didn't figure that out until we had already returned home. Luckily, I wound up getting it the next day, but it was only after two trips to the airport and a slew of phone calls.

Last night I accompanied Hien to a dinner party event for the company that she uses for professional videography, which was quite an experience! There was plenty of food, beer, and festivities (mostly karaoke). Since I can't hold a lengthy conversation in Vietnamese, most people just resort to having a drink with me, which means I generally need to consume about 4 times as much as I normally would... but oh well!

Today everyone is busily preparing for the New Year, which means I have a few minutes to relax to myself. I think I may take advantage of that time to nap a little bit!

As for my Singapore plans, things seem to be coming along. I've emailed with the right people to get things moving, and I have a call later this week to nail down my exact plans. More details about that to follow, but probably not until mid week.

That's all to report at the moment, just as soon as I have some video and photos to share, I will post a more colorful update, perhaps after the New Year.
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On January 24, 2009 at 10:40 PM , Janice said...

hi dan! so glad to get an update. having been arranged and rearranged and ordered here and there in vietnamese for my "wedding photos", i can only imagine the airport scene, the staging, the enactments. :) sounds like you'll be well fed and cared for and fussed over and having a great time in the coming days. i hope thuy and bobby had a happy reunion as well. please give my best to them, to hien's parents and sisters and, for that matter, the whole extended duong family. have a great time! (and good luck sneaking that little nap in!) can't wait for pix! love,