A taste of things to come..
9:56 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
Here's quick post with some of the photos from today! It was exhausting, but a lot of fun, and I think we're going to have a lot more where this came from... stay tuned!

FINALLY! Internet at home!
11:49 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
YAY! After much waiting, I can finally access the Internet at home. I can't tell you how disconnected I have felt waiting for my paperwork to go through so that I could get set up!

In any event, I made a short video showing my apartment here in Singapore, in which I should be staying for the foreseeable future. Things are going well here, and I am really enjoying life in Singapore.

Tomorrow Hien arrives with an entourage of family and friends to help us take some wedding photos. As you check out the apartment, keep in mind that I need to shelter 6 people in this place for 5 days! I think it will be fun, but there might be a line for the bathroom...

I'll post updates and photos as we take them. :-)