Yay! Fireworks!
7:37 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
I just love watching fireworks! They are even better from the comfort of your condominium building!! :-)

Tonight we watched the Singapore National Day Fireworks rehearsal, which was a pretty decent little display, for a rehearsal. My building here has a 44th floor lookout from which you can see out towards the Singapore river and the rest of the city.

I only have one photo cuz my phone messed up the video... Oh well!

Random stuff!
5:14 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
Ok, I've got a lot of photos and videos to share on here, but they don't necessarily go together, so I'm posting this entry with a collection of stuff!

First up, dinner on the 4th of July with durian for dessert:

Now here's some photos from our trip to the botanical garden:

And how about some more wedding photos?

Hien's Birthday!
4:43 PM | Author: Dan Berlin
I took the day off work for Hien's 27th birthday, Wednesday, July 8th, and we spent the day together. I gave Hien a new MacBook Pro for her birthday, which she is learning how to use. She has never owned her own computer before, and I took the opportunity to install some software to help her learn English. ;-)

For dinner, Hien made crab, snails, and kang kong, which is a leafy vegetable that is quite popular here in Singapore and also in Vietnam. We got Sri Lankan roe crab at $24 SGD per kilogram, which is an awesome price for that kind of crab. It was REALLY good! She made it with a spicy tamarind sauce. I made her a chocolate birthday cake with homemade vanilla frosting. Sorry we don't have photos of us both, but someone has to hold the camera!

Here's some photos and video:

Hien with her dinner and new computer!

Cutting the birthday cake.

Mmmm... smells good!